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Modified: 03.10.2005

 Standard simulation

"Keep it simple and stupid" is an often used principle in simulation. With a lack of computing power, hard to use and inaccurate simulation software, and often also a lack of experience in sophisticated conveyor and storage technology people had to be satisfied with simulation precision of up to 95 %. Unfortunately, complex industrial plants can hardly be seen as als "simple and stupid"...

 Precision simulation

Our way of simulation is based upon the idea that a simulation should work just like the real counterpart. When building a model we include ALL relevant parameters. Of course this is only possible because we do not use standard libraries. A wide variety of highly sophisticated special objects - constantly adjusted to new technologies - allows us to offer simulations with mucher higher accuracies than usual.

Precision simulation delivers model accuracies between 98% and 99,9%. A lower precision cannot be recommended for the simulation of complex automated plants - the follow up costs can make up a fortune.

There is also one nice side effect of precision simulation. Using intelligent and powerful libraries results in shorter modelling times  - so we can often bid at significantly lower prices than our competitors. 

Please make a comparison!

Baling Line Simulator - model built in less than 1 hour

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